​"ZaLonya is a very talented speaker. She has charisma stage presence and a powerful story!" ​Les Brown,

The World's Leading Motivational Speaker

"Dr. ZaLonya Allen is an amazing powerhouse for entrepreneurs..." Bernadette Johnson, Speaker, Author and Leadership Consultant

"I was beyond pleasantly surprised when I learned about the organization and Dr. ZaLonya Allen. Dr. Allen is  beyond qualified..." JuJuan Buford, Business Solutions Consultant


"I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. My parents were entrepreneurs so it was in my blood. My mom owned a hair salon and my dad invested in real estate properties ever since I was a child. I've had several entrepreneurial ventures myself. In my twenties I decided to become a professional speaker and travel the country training leaders to become more influential. It wasn't easy getting started. People were not always eager to provide the information I needed. My struggles influenced me to become an entrepreneurial coach and start the National Entrepreneurs Association (NEA), a non profit that truly cares about entrepreneurs. NEA provides quality networking events and training programs that help entrepreneurs grow, increase business and achieve results. I'm proud to have collaborated with organizations and individuals throughout the country for more than eight years to help entrepreneurs reach their dreams."ZaLonya Allen, PhD

"You have the power to create the life you've imagined."

Dr. ZaLonya Allen

Entrepreneurship Speaker & Coach