Dr.  Allen began her speaking career at an early age and now has 20 years of experience delivering presentations for organizations across the country ranging from small groups to large audiences. She specializes in leadership and entrepreneurship.

With over 10 years experience as a college professor both in the class room and online, Dr. Allen is a teacher at heart. She uses her experience as a psychology and business professor to train professionals to have mental shifts that lead to results.  

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As a panel discussion moderator, Dr. Allen is able to keep the conversation moving using her experience in interviewing to bring out the information that matters most to audiences. 



Consulting services are designed to help clients identify challenges and develop a specific plan of action for success while addressing  specific needs unique to your business. 

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Get the tools you need to start your entrepreneurial journey today! Only $97 or $197 with coaching session. 





Dr. Allen coaches entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve their best. Her programs focus on mindset, confidence & presentation skills. She has consistently helped entrepreneurs develop winning pitches that have led to cash prizes up to $10,000.  

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"I come from a family of entrepreneurs so entrepreneurship is in my blood. My mother owned a hair salon and my father invested in real estate properties as well as stocks and bonds for as long as I can remember. In college my advisor told me I was required to take speech 101. I was terrified but nothing was going to stop me from getting my degree! Once I began giving speeches I realized it wasn't so bad after all and my career in public speaking slowly started to take off. After receiving my doctorate degree in psychology I began to pursue entrepreneurship full time. It wasn't always easy and people were not always eager to give me the information I needed. With persistence, I traveled the county speaking for colleges, corporations, national training conferences and special events. My early struggles caused me to start two entrepreneur associations and become a coach to help others find a path to their dreams.

Using the principles of psychology, I help individuals develop greater confidence, master their mindset and create a plan for achieving their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. My programs are uniquely designed to help you achieve results fast! As an example, using advanced techniques, I have trained executives, professionals, leaders and individuals who were afraid of public speaking, to be able to pitch their businesses and become award winning speakers in as little as 30 days!" ZaLonya Allen, PhD